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Press pause and have a bite to eat at Walterz. Serving breakfast, brunch, burgers and more! Too busy bowling? Order your meal at the hub and we’ll deliver your food to you…

The hub at Walterz

Welcome to The Hub, the heart of Walterz Entertainment Centre. Here you’ll find everything you need during your visit to Walterz. From delicious shakes to chilled wine and beers plus tempting snacks including freshly made popcorn and even jumbo American pickles! Check in at the Hub when you arrive or during your visit for any help you need or to book one of our games and activities.

The bar at Walterz

Fuel up or wind down. From draught beer to your favourite bottle, our team will serve you your choice of drinks to help you game like a pro or sing like a star! Why not enjoy your drinks in our outdoor beer garden?

Drinks Packages

There’s no time to waste at the bar, why not choose a drinks package to get your party started. We’ll sort the rest! Drinks Package Menu Coming Soon!